2 More Ways to Improve SEO of Your Existing Content

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Quality content is the foundation of quality SEO. The more consistent you’re in adding high-value content to your website, the better for SEO.

However, just posting content isn’t enough. Otherwise, no one would need an SEO consultant or SEO expert.

The job of these professionals is to optimize your content for search engines. Ideally, SEO works should start from the planning stage of content creation. However, if you already have loads of content on your website, you can still take some steps for better SEO.

Here are 3 more ways to improve SEO of your existing content.

1. Improve click-through rate
Even when your webpage shows up on the first page of Google search results, not every searcher is going to click on it. Your click-through rate is the measure of how many searchers actually clicked through to your page, this is one of the secrets of a digital marketing agency.

Needless to say, the whole purpose of SEO is to get more people to visit your website or webpage. So, improving your click-through rate is the ultimate goal.

Interestingly, it is also one of the factors that Google considers when ranking your webpage in search results. So, how can you improve your CTR? There are many ways but mainly try to improve your title tag and meta-description for the page. If possible, insert the main keyword in the title tag and make it useful for the reader.

The description should clearly mention the purpose of the page in maximum 150 characters.

2. Update old content with declining traffic
Evergreen content is a myth. A piece of content that users absolutely loved two years back could see almost no traffic now. That happens all the time. With time, the information becomes outdated.

Or sometimes you simply need to upgrade the format or structuring of the content to make it relevant for today.

In most cases, you don’t have to rewrite the whole content. Just updating the outdated sections would suffice. In any case, updating your existing content is a great way to boost your traffic.

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