3 Basic Ecommerce SEO Tips

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Those inspiring ecommerce success stories do not tell you a simple truth. Ecommerce is changing fast – blazing fast. What worked even a few months back may not work now!

In fact, SEO for your ecommerce store needs a complete overhaul right now! You still need an SEO consultant or digital marketing agency. But make sure they are using the latest ecommerce SEO techniques vetted by experts in the field. Otherwise, all your efforts, time and money could go waste. With that in mind here are some of the top ecommerce SEO tips for 2021.

1. Use HTTPS
Most ecommerce sites by the nature of the business need to collect sensitive customer information. For instance, one needs to type their credit card details when making a payment on your website.

Evidently, you need to encrypt all that information for secure transaction. This also helps improve your SEO. In fact, Google recently said not having HTTPS could jeopardize your site ranking.

2. Increase page loading speed
Imagine clicking on your shopping cart and waiting forever for the page to load! What will you do? Perhaps, you’ll abandon the site. After all, you don’t have a lack of options to buy from.

So, this is obvious. Sluggish page loading speed would only increase bounce rates and eventually affect your SEO.

3. Do keyword-research for each page
Granted, ecommerce sites are notorious for having lots of pages. Maybe you have hundreds of category pages and thousands of product pages. But you still need to find relevant keyword for each page. This could be a cumbersome task. But that’s why you need an SEO specialist by your side.

In truth, there’s no way you can rank your site with highly competitive keywords like women’s shoes or kids bags. Instead, try optimizing a few product or category pages using relevant but less-competition keywords.

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