3 More Ecommerce SEO Tips

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One common mistake ecommerce site owners make is they try to optimize their site for highly competitive keywords. However, ranking for those keywords is often an impossible task. A better approach would be to target individual product and category pages.

So, ask your SEO consultant, SEO specialist or digital marketing agency to focus on a few, selected pages. This works better in the long run. We already shared some ecommerce SEO tips in the previous post. Here are some more tips.

1. Use long tail keywords
While everyone is busy optimizing for exact keywords, you can beat the competition instantly by focusing on loan-tail keywords. For instance, a long-tail variation of the popular keyword “kids bags” could be “comfortable school bags for kids.”

The competition for the latter would be low. Yet, it can give you decent traffic to your site.

2. Write unique meta-descriptions
Since ecommerce sites usually have a bazillion of pages, it might forever to write unique title tag and meta-descriptions for each of them. However, the results you get by having unique descriptions for each page is worth the time and effort.

Alright, if you still think it is not feasible, take the middle way. Create a few templates for certain categories but also create some unique descriptions for your top priority pages.

3. Use clean URLs
This is easier said than done. That’s because some CMS will make your product or category page URLs unorganized by default. Ideally, you should use short, clear URLs. For instance, a good example of a clean product page URL is as follows domain.com/category-name/subcategory-name/product-name.

This type of clean URL helps Google locate the right page for the right search term. Eventually, it helps boost your ecommerce SEO. If your CMS automatically creates messy URLs, you can use certain plugins to fix the issue.

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