3 Tips for Choosing a Topic for SEO-focused Content

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Let’s face it. SEO techniques that used to work a few years ago, do not work any longer. However, SEO still works. It is still the main source of organic traffic. So, what has changed? Essentially, SEO now has to take into consideration the user intent more than ever before.

Now an SEO expert or SEO consultant are using smarter techniques than simply stuffing a high-volume keyword into the average content. The process of improving SEO starts with choosing the right keywords and topic for content creation. Whether you do your own SEO or hire a digital marketing agency for the job, consider using the below strategies for finding the right topic.

1. Identify search volume
First things first, you need to choose a high-volume keyword or key phrase. You can easily do that by using a keyword research tool, such as SECockpit, Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Jaaxy, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. Just type a relevant keyword into your chosen keyword explorer and you’ll find hundreds of ideas within seconds. Now your job is to sort those keywords in terms of monthly search volume. Most of the keyword research tools come with a filter to a set minimum monthly search volume. For instance, you can search for keywords with a minimum search volume of 500. However, just choosing any high-volume keyword isn’t enough. You should also consider the competition level of that keyword.

2. Consider keyword difficulty
Most keyword explorer tools give you an estimate of the difficulty level for ranking a particular keyword. In other words, the keyword difficulty filter allows you distinguish high-competition keywords from the low-competition ones. At this stage, try to find a keyword that has high or decent search volumes but low competition.

3. Look for relevance
Finally, narrow down your search based on how relevant the topic is for your audience. You want to choose a topic that relates directly with the problem you are solving. That way, you’ll have a high chance of turning the website traffic into revenues.

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