Do You Make These 5 Mistakes in Video Marketing?

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In the world of digitization, including a video in the overall digital marketing strategy is a necessity. In order to implement this effectively and successfully, you have to avoid the most common mistakes that can cost your company an actual Singaporean dollar plus the profit.

SEO Practices are Not Implemented
Failing to implement SEO techniques in your video is a mistake.

When posted on your website or shared on social media or streaming platforms like Youtube, optimized videos can drive traffic to your website and improve the search engine ranking.

It can be done by adding a title with keywords related to the content, an informative video description with website links, and keyword tags. If you’re not sure how to properly execute it, you can undergo SEO training or reach out to your SEO consultant in a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Video is Too Long
Many business owners think that they have to create long videos all the time to encapsulate the best content. Well, that’s a mistake!

People have only a short media attention span. A viewer would typically watch up to 60 seconds of the video considering that the first 10-20 seconds is interesting. So make sure to keep your video brief, engaging, and on point.

Cut the lengthy introduction and get the message straight across the first few seconds. Otherwise, you’d lose an audience. Most viewers are unlikely to finish your entire video as data shows.

Selling Point is Not Correctly Set
As discussed, most viewers do not make it to the end of the video. If you set your selling point near the ending, chances are, they will miss that most important part. And that’s a mistake!

The best thing to do is to put all the brand, logo, tagline, website URL, call to action, and all the good stuff in the beginning. Create a checklist and incorporate this in your storyline in order to avoid forgetting this essential portion. The rest of the video can just be the supporting details.

Remember that your customers should be familiar with your branding.

Message is Jumbled
Creating a video that covers multiple topics is a big mistake! Yes, it can be tempting, especially when that video is intended for your website. But always remember that your viewer can offer a limited time only.

So, make use of that short time to entice, engage, and educate your viewer. Focus your video on a single topic and ensure that you convey your message clearly. Having incoherent flow is difficult to follow.

If you have more than one selling point, organize a separate video for every point.

Call to Action is Not Available
If you forgot to include a Call to Action in your video, then you commit another mistake.

Call to Action or CTA is a term that tells the next step you want your viewer to do after watching your video. It can be a button or a set of instructions that you provide to your viewer.

Bottom Line
In order to avoid committing these mistakes, take a journalized approach. Cross out every step when done. This will help you achieve better results for your video marketing.


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