5 Mobile SEO Tools to Optimize Mobile Search

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Businesses in Singapore have been shifting to Mobile SEO since 2015 due to the fact that people began to rely on mobile searches. Tablets, smartphones, and other devices are hitting the mainstream, hence, catering for these devices have now become the baseline for a successful site.

Fortunately, Google has provided tools that will help you perfectly optimize your site for mobile search. These are some of the tools that a digital marketing agency or SEO consultant in Singapore uses. No single tool, however, can do all the fixes in one go. Though these tools can be learned, undergoing SEO Training still can make a difference.

For now, let’s discuss the Mobile SEO Tools which are an integral part of the SEO Services.


The PageSpeed Insights tool can check the speed from both a desktop and mobile perspective. You can find here the Field Data, Lab Data, Origin Summary, Opportunities, Diagnostics, and Passed audits.

It helps you find out what’s lagging your site and what areas require fixing. It will suggest, for instance, “Reduce unused JavaScript”. Also, it shows detailed information including the values about the performance of your application. For example: “Avoid chaining critical requests” in order to minimize main-thread work. Fixing these issues plays a significant impact on your site’s speed which will contribute to your site’s mobile search ranking.

Not only can you view the suggestions tailored to each page, but also the positive results of the Core Web Vitals assessment which tells you about the fields where your site is doing well.


Mobile Friendly Test provides a simple pass/fail grade. Its report gives you an idea of whether your page is ready for more advanced mobile optimization or not. If it delivers the message “Page is not mobile friendly”, then the first thing you need to do is to create a responsive website.


To improve the user’s experience on mobile search, you have to look at the way Google is fetching your mobile site. This is an essential step when investigating any performance issues or poor search results.

  1. Log in to the Search Console. 
  2. Click “Crawl.” 
  3. Click “Fetch as Google.” 
  4. Leave the URL blank to simply fetch the homepage. Click the dropdown menu and choose “Mobile: Smartphone.”
  5. Click “Fetch and Render” and wait for a minute.
  6. Click the double arrow on the far right to view the render report.


To provide the best mobile analytics, use Google Search Console. It helps site owners improve visibility and presence in the SERPs.

You can use it to Improve CTR (Click-through rate), Brand vs Non-Brand Searches, Monitor Device Traffic, and Identify Search Intents.

Go to Google Search Console, next Search Traffic, then Search Analytics.


Google Sites is a great tool if you want to build a test or mock-up website. This will help you gain insights into the possible performance of your mobile landing page. It offers different templates for several types of landing pages which can suit your business style.


Well, these are not the only tools that will help you optimize your mobile search. There are plenty out there. However, the good thing about this is they all come for free. And yes, they are easy to learn and use, and a great source of data that can assist you to make a difference in your mobile SEO.


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