6 Steps To Optimize for Voice Search

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Google Voice Search is a voice technology that allows you to search in Google by speaking with a mobile phone, a tablet, or with a computer. Customers looking for services, products, or content are using voice search commands rather than typing their queries into a search bar.

Over the last few years, every SEO Training is gradually incorporating this strategy into the client’s website. So, if you’re ready to witness how it will positively impact your business, contact an SEO consultant or SEO specialist. But for now, we’ll share some of the steps that a digital marketing agency does to optimize a website.

Improve Your Local SEO Presence
A lot of people use spoken commands to search for business hours and locations near them. Claiming and updating your Google My Business listing seems like a simple thing to do but it helps people to discover your website on search engines.

Employ Question-Based Keywords
Questions in voice search begin with “what”, “where”, “who”, “why”, “when”, and “how”. In that case, ensure that your content answers to the 5Ws and 1H of your products and services. Pay attention to which questions your potential audience is more likely to ask.

Apply Long-Tail Keywords
Create content with common phrases that people use in conversations because natural language searches are usually longer and more specific. Structure your long-tail keywords into five to nine words that are closely related to your product or service. Doing this gives your site a higher chance of appearing at the top of a voice-generated search results page.

Use Conversational Language
When users search through voice assistants, they’re asking like they’re conversing with a human being. So, to optimize your content, try to write as you talk. Use conversational language and be on point.

Create an FAQ Page
Convenience is one of the reasons why people use Voice Search. When they ask, they want clear and concise answers. So, when you write FAQs, make sure to compose your sentences that read like a conversation. Adding FAQs related to your business can boost your online presence.

Identify the Intent
The words being used in the question phrase tell the user’s intent. For “What is the fashion trend in 2021”, the user’s intent is to get information. But if it is “Where to buy trendy clothes in 2021”, the intent is commercial. Identifying the intent helps you provide accurate answers to questions regarding your business. If your content is informative, the answer found in your content is more likely to show up in featured snippets.

A lot of big companies have already applied this technology to their websites and now it’s your turn to follow the shift. Given the 6 basic steps in optimizing for voice search, you can reach a wider audience and provide users with a more satisfying user experience.


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