Building a Digital Marketing Team? Understand Their Roles

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Projects and initiatives in marketing are only as effective as the individuals who organize and manage them. Choosing whether to invest in a digital marketing agency outside of your company or hire workers or SEO Consultant to establish a marketing team and give SEO Services is a crucial decision for you as a business owner.

The tasks and responsibilities of digital marketing that go into creating a successful digital marketing team must be clearly defined as more businesses and organizations recognize the value of a strong digital strategy.  


Digital Marketing Roles

SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist, who ensures that the material you develop for digital marketing truly performs in the search engine, is a crucial member of your execution team. The duties of an SEO expert range widely and include:

  • Using and maintaining software such as Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Enhancing content for search engine performance
  • Establishing and carrying out keyword strategies
  • Creating information, heading text, and alternative text
  • Developing critical performance indicators
  • Carrying out SEO audits

With no SEO expert, your committed digital marketing team is lacking.

Social / Display specialist

You will require a social media and display marketing specialist. This isn’t just a technical media trafficking role; you also need someone to collaborate with the brand and creative teams to carry out the larger media and marketing strategy.

Understanding how the brand side of marketing functions, as well as the ability to communicate metrics and results to less technical teams, are therefore crucial.

Content Writer/Marketer

You require a member of your committed marketing team to carry out your content strategy and give your marketing concepts words. You require a content marketer or writer who could:

  • Publish marketing blogs
  • Make content marketing strategies.
  • Plan and produce website content.
  • Creating promotional email content
  • Create fantastic eBooks, infographics, and white paper content.
  • Plan your content marketing and outreach strategies.
  • Coordinate your efforts with the SEO expert.

To produce outstanding content that converts, you must also hire a specialist content writer/marketer who is well-versed in SEO.

Content creators

Writers, filmmakers, and other producers who produce internet material for marketing purposes are referred to as content creators. Text, music, video, and other sorts of media can all be used as content. The majority of marketing teams employ a hybrid team of content producers that consists of both internal and external writers.

They provide material for a wide variety of marketing platforms, including blogs, emails, and videos. Since their work reflects the calibre of a marketing campaign, content developers are essential to marketing teams. Digital marketing tasks performed by content producers have a lasting impact on everyone they interact with.

Creators of digital marketing content have the following obligations:

  • Preserving the integrity of the brand’s messaging
  • Generating fresh, original content concepts to sell your goods and services
  • Producing excellent content
  • Working in partnership with other marketing teams to build effective digital marketing campaigns
  • Making material that is SEO-optimized to achieve high search engine rankings
Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager develops media and thought leadership content, such as blog entries, social media updates, podcasts, or downloadable resources, either directly or in collaboration with content creation resources.

You can employ freelancers to improve your content creation because it serves as the cornerstone for all of your channel activations, but you can benefit from in-house knowledge of your company to reveal the true wisdom in this.



The importance of a roadmap cannot be overstated. There’s no need to hire everyone at once; it’s much better to prioritize the jobs, add one or two people at a time, and wait until those individuals have a solid foundation in the business before bringing on new hires.

Additionally, a self-sufficient, committed team of digital marketers can assist digital agencies in scaling their business in a cost-efficient and well-managed manner.    



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