Few More Trendy Ways To Capture Qualified B2B Sales Leads

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The old ways of generating qualified leads are barely working. You need to find new ways to attract the right type of prospects.

This article will provide you with some of the most effective B2B marketing ideas that are being used by leading SEO Expert and successful companies today.

If you have invested in SEO Training, then learning these strategies as well will definitely augment your SEO efforts.

Hybrid events

For many companies, virtual and physical conferences are the main event for B2B business development. There, you can meet with your competition in person or online, talk about the same challenges, and see what products they’re using. And if you can find one that suits you better than the other, it’s a great time to reach out and get an appointment.

In Hybrid events, you can (1) attend to connect with people with similar interests to yours, (2) participate in a talk to connect with people with similar interests to yours, and (3) hold events to build a business relationship with potential clients.

Repurposing content

What if you could turn an old blog post into a new one, and it’s still relevant? That’s the idea behind content repurposing. If you want to use content repurposing for lead generation, you need to think about how to repurpose an article or post in a way that’s relevant to your business.

You might have an offer that’s very similar to the content you just used, or perhaps a related industry that’s already been covered in another article. Content repurposing is one of the most powerful lead generation tactics available to B2B marketers today, and it’s a great way to help lead nurturing efforts succeed.

For instance, turning a blog post into an episode in a webinar or getting quotes from an ebook be used as content in your visual presentations on social media. A digital marketing agency can help you deal with it. 

Diversifying channels

With over 4 billion connected devices today, most companies are looking for new ways to connect with their customers. Social media is no longer a fad, but a necessity for businesses to engage with their audience. Whether it’s a blog, podcast, or video, every channel will play a role in your sales strategy.

Gated content

Use the power of a gated content offer to capture leads. What we have found to be successful is to make it a compelling reason for signing up. Such reasons include solving the customer’s problem, addressing the customer’s pain points, inspiring or educational content, and creating urgency by adding the CTA button. 

An example of this would be having a video of a customer explaining how to use a particular product, which then gives you permission to sell that product in your email course. You can also offer webinars or ebooks.  

Referral marketing

Referral marketing can be a powerful tool in driving qualified leads into your organisation. It is a great way to get access to prospects and to increase awareness of your company.

To effectively get referrals, you can:

  • Give people an incentive such as discounts or a free trial. People need a reason to pass on your contact info.
  • ask them to leave testimonials 
  • Email surveys but keep them short


Lead generation is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. Without leads, there is no sale. However, the question is – how do you generate quality leads for your business? The answer is – you need to look at the above key points.


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