Convince Your Boss to Invest in SEO

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If you are a marketing professional, you perhaps know that SEO is a big deal. Maybe you are already convinced that investing in SEO services can help increase your company’s revenues like never before. However, if your boss or decision-makers of the company are not tech-savvy, convincing them to invest in SEO could be a challenge.

This happens mostly with local business owners who never got the time or opportunities to understand how the Internet has changed the way people do business over the past few years. In situations like this, here are some steps you can take to convince your boss to invest in SEO.

1. Tell them about Google search

Chances are that your boss too uses Google search. Maybe they used it to compare prices of mobile phones, or to buy shoes online. Start your conversation around this and try to present them some facts about how many people use Google search to look for a product or service.

At this point, their argument could be that local customers do not rely on Google to search for shops, products or services. Counter them again with some facts about how many people look online when searching for local vendors.

2. Show the plan of execution

Once your boss is ready to listen to your plans, the next step is to show them your plan of execution. Tell them what exactly they need to do. At this point, you may need assistance of an SEO consultant or digital marketing agency. An SEO expert can help you understand the steps they will take for SEO.

Try to explain the procedure as simply as possible and not confuse your boss with a long lecture. Let your boss know what you’re going to do and why. Inform what resources require to make the execution successful.

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