Google Voice Search: Its Definition, Advantages, and Importance

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Need to search for something on the web? Open the Google app on your Android phone or tablet and start your command by saying, “Hey, Google!” or tap the Microphone. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Did it show you what you are looking for? Absolutely!

What is Voice Search?
Voice technology in Google was initially launched in 2012 and is available in a mobile app, website, and web browser. This feature allows you to give voice commands to the device, look for any information, and get directions. For example, you’ve searched for the “best android phone 2021”. But in voice search, it would be “What is the best android phone in 2021?”

In general, voice search queries are conversational and longer compared to encoded queries. Apart from English, Google also recognizes different languages including French, Spanish, and German.

How did it Evolve?
At first, it may seem like a fad that every SEO Consultant was in doubt of fusing this technique into the list of SEO Services. But the contrary happened as voice searches continue to grow their popularity.

In fact, not only Google uses this voice-activated technology. It’s also present as Virtual Assistants, Mobile Assistants, and TV Assistants as found in Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Amazon Firestick, and Roku.

What are the Advantages?
Its practicality and convenience are the main reasons why Voice Search is on the rise. It allows you to search hands-free which means you can do whatever you want while searching. This also works great for people who talk faster than they type. Voice searching resembles a natural conversation, so it’s user-friendly.

Why is it Important?
In a highly-developed country like Singapore, many people use voice search as an option to typing texts on Google. Most voice search users are mobile users. In that case, optimizing your site for voice search with the help of a digital marketing agency can make a difference in your ranking. What differences are we talking about?

  • Increased Ranking – Search engine results pages (SERPs) will display the Voice search optimized sites in the top 3 spots. Optimized content can increase traffic and improve ranking.
  • Increased Revenue – Increased traffic means increased conversion rate, increased conversion rate equates to increased revenue.
  • Increased Authority – When your website ranks for voice searches, your audience will also increase and so will your domain authority.

Voice search is the faster and easier way of finding answers in Google whether it is a location, how-to, fun fact, or simply anything. It performs searches by speaking, hence, it is more conversational compared to conventional typing. Each year, more and more people are using this technology which affects consumer behavior.

Optimizing your website for voice search will help you increase your site’s ranking, revenue, and authority.


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