How to Write Content for SEO

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Writing for SEO could be rather challenging for two reasons. You have to optimize your content for search engines but at the same time make it useful for your human readers. An experienced SEO consultant or SEO specialist would know that good SEO writing needs more than just pretty words.

You also have to understand the search intent behind a keyword, and learn how to best respond to any search queries of your target audience.

In fact, SEO writing is a skill that you develop over time. Many SEO training institutes offer courses on SEO writing. Alternatively, you can hire a digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive SEO services, including SEO copywriting. But if you want to try your hand in SEO content writing, the following tips should help you.

1. Find a keyword
Before you even start thinking about writing your content, you need a keyword or key phrase. Importantly, your keyword should be relevant to your business. Plus, it should have enough traffic potential. So, how can you find such a keyword? First, think about what people might search on Google to discover your website.

That’s your basic keyword. For instance, if you sell books, your basic keyword is ‘book.’ Now use a keyword research tool and type the term “book” into it in order to find several variations of your basic keyword.

Your keyword variations could be “buy books online,” and “cheap books.” At this stage, your goal should be to find a keyword that has a low Keyword Difficulty score and high search volume.

2. Choose a topic
Once you have found a relevant keyword to target, the next step is to choose a topic. Many people mistakenly think that a keyword and a topic are the same. But your SEO consultant or digital marketing agency would tell you that keywords and topics are two different things. Your topic should address your customers’ pain points.

For instance, you can write an article on how reading books can help you become a better person, while your keyword could be “Buy books online.”

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