Importance of Mobile SEO

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No matter the time and place, people find it accessible to use their smartphones. Such activities are not only exclusive to communication but also to web browsing. They search for food guides, online shopping stores, the latest trends, etc. Reaching customers and satisfying their demands while enjoying the experience is exactly why you have to understand the concept and significance of adapting Mobile SEO to your website.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can implement it as doing it all by yourself may require an SEO training.

What is Mobile SEO?
Mobile SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing a website for users on smartphones and tablets. It’s about making your mobile site load swiftly and seamlessly, and presenting engaging and informative content that corresponds to the user’s search intent.

Why is it Important?
Mobile traffic has significantly increased due to the fact that people are receiving numerous advantages in using smartphones. In order to reach your target audiences, you need a framework that succeeds in any device.

Here are the other key points that elaborate on the benefits of Mobile SEO:

Google’s Mobile-First Index
Google has switched to the mobile-first index which SEO consultant refers to as “Mobilegeddon” and all sites should be indexed mobile-first in 2021. That means the quality of the mobile version of the site will be the basis for the Google ranking regardless of the gadget you use including desktop. Google will use a smartphone version of Googlebot to crawl your mobile site and gauge its performance, content, and user experience.

Boosted Speed
Just imagine this: you’ve found an interesting item and thought of buying it. When you click to read the full description, the entire page is very slow to load until it reaches the point that you wanted to close the page because waiting even for 10 seconds is becoming a waste of time. Look how quickly a user exits the page and scrolls down to browse for the next store! Even a second delay can affect your bounce rate and lead generation.

Speed is immensely important to catch the user’s attention. A website that is not mobile optimized will load extremely slow and the worse, won’t load at all.

Improved Site Interaction Time
The more time the user interacts on your page, the more useful Google will apprehend your page to be. It makes sense as time is an insufficient resource on the web and we spend more of our time with quality content than with insubstantial. In fact, most users actively stay on the page for an average of 15 seconds.

If you don’t catch their attention in a short span of time, they will most likely leave the moment they visit your page. The chances of getting potential customers also depend on the compatibility of your page to their gadgets. The more compatible and valuable the page is, the more they will interact.

User Experience
The metric of user experience is based on how quickly the page responds to a user’s actions and loads the content and other key visual site elements. The increase in engagement time is due to the quality of experience they have on their mobile devices. If Google spots your website low on user experience, your organic ranking and traffic would be affected.

If your goal is to drive essential results to your business, then consider a mobile-friendly website.


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