Why Does Your Online Store Need Google Product Reviews To Compete In The Ecommerce Industry?

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With the existence of Google reviews, Google has stepped out on its own and attempted to take control of the online shopping market by building its own version of an online store review. This is just one of the developments that would impact the ecommerce industry.

Google’s review section will give buyers access to unbiased reviews of a business without having to leave the search engine, thus removing a potential barrier to online purchases.
It is one of the best marketing tools available for businesses today, allowing you to promote and sell your products on a global scale.

In this post, we’re going to break down why your ecommerce site needs Google reviews as suggested by a SEO consultant or a digital marketing agency.

1. Google reviews boost conversion by 3x.
When it comes to choosing products, we want to be sure we’re making the best decision for us. A study published in 2014 found that online users who read positive product reviews were three times more likely to click on links than those who did not. This is why product reviews can be an important factor when determining which products are best for your audience.

2. Google reviews generate over 10x more leads than any other form of content.

The number of product reviews per site can range anywhere from a couple dozen to hundreds, but the key is that these reviews are usually written by actual customers and not paid professionals. This means they’re completely honest and genuine, and because of this, they often lead to action.

3. Google Reviews help improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts.
Not only does the presence of Google reviews help increase the average time spent on a site, but it also boosts the likelihood that a site will appear in the organic search results, and that the page will be more likely to appear when someone searches for that specific topic. Your SEO consultant may help you get more reviews on your site or you can attend an SEO Training.

4. Google reviews can be a great way to establish credibility with your customers.
Customer feedback has a lot of power because it can be used to gain insight into how your product is doing on the market. This is valuable information that will help you build trust and credibility in the eyes of your potential customer base. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that they know has a good reputation. If you are unable to find positive reviews online about your company, this is a sign that your business needs to make some changes in order to improve its reputation.

5. Google reviews can be leveraged as a channel for cross-selling.
Google reviews are also a great tool for cross-selling, because if you have a lot of positive reviews for your product or service, it gives you credibility. This is good because when you are ready to sell something else, the customer knows that you are legitimate.

Those can be turned into a marketing tool that can be leveraged as an advertising campaign to increase the sales and profits of the company.

6. Google reviews can help you win back customers.
Google reviews can help your company improve its quality of services and products. If someone has a problem with your business or a specific product, it is a great opportunity to work out any issues before they negatively affect your business.

If you have a negative review on the internet people are more likely to think you’re a rip off than if you have a positive one. If you have a negative review then you have to take action. This could be fixing your product, changing the way you deal with your clients, changing the price you charge, or even the way you market your business.

That’s the time you can win your customers back.

The importance of Google Reviews can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re an online store or a product business, reviews are vital to the success of your business.


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