Qualities to Look for When Hiring an SEO Consultant


If your business is relying on Web traffic for sales or marketing, then you should consider hiring an SEO Consultant whether it’s as an employee, an individual consultant, or a  digital marketing agency. But the process of finding, selecting, and hiring an excellent one is never an easy task. You should know first the responsibilities encapsulated in that designation and the top qualities to look for.

What Does an SEO Specialist Do?
An SEO consultant or SEO specialist is a person dealing primarily with optimizing websites for search engines; providing a keyword-researched content strategy, identifying link-building opportunities, helping to ensure you have proper analytics in place, understanding your traffic and revenue goals, and creating reports that help gauge the results of their efforts.

Now, what are the characteristics of a competent SEO Consultant?

With Track Record of SEO Success
An experienced consultant in SEO with successful output will be able to identify the errors and things that need improvement on the website for it to increase search engine traffic. Unlike a newbie who will try to do the same method on every site which can have a negative impact on revenue.

Adaptive to the Changes
How users browse the internet evolves from time to time, just like how the search engine algorithm changes. Therefore, the guidelines we’ve already got used to are no longer relevant. Also, every website has its own uniqueness and sometimes solutions working for one page may turn out to be completely ineffective for the other. Adaptability applies in the workplace, too. Being able to adapt to the company’s culture is one key to success.

A Comprehensive Knowledge
An excellent consultant has an in-depth understanding of all three SEO levels, is able to think analytically, coordinate and build strong links, perform adjustments in the latest CMS, create content, and at the same time, multitask.

Marketing Savvy
Content needs to be written in a way that clearly discusses the benefit to the user while leading them to a sale. It should be presented in a way that appeals to the people who are looking for what your company has to offer.

Excellent Communication Skills
Discussing the necessary changes on the website must be explained with clarity. They should be able to communicate or pass the knowledge in a way that everyone will understand.

Passionate for Development
Their constant desire to learn and develop will have a positive impact on their careers and the company as well. They should effectively execute ways to work around challenges and roadblocks to see progress.

In A Nutshell
There’s no exact list of SEO skills that everybody needs but when you find the above qualities in your applicants, then they will surely help you achieve the results (and ROI) you ultimately desire. Always work with someone who not only advises you to spread the risk, but also who is driven with data and results.


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