Reasons Why Your Business Needs an SEO Audit

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Just as you need regular health checkups, your website needs an SEO audit every so often. The purpose of an SEO audit is to find out any current or potential issues that might hold your website back from achieving higher rankings.

When you book SEO services, the first thing they do is perform an SEO audit on your website. That helps them detect your website’s drawbacks in terms of SEO.

Typically, you should hire an SEO consultant or SEO specialist for the job. Alternatively, you can enroll in an SEO training course and learn how to perform an SEO audit or get it through a digital marketing agency. Here are some reasons why your business needs an SEO audit.

1. Identify big issues
If you are not happy with your current website ranking, perhaps a few, big issues are responsible for your weak online presence.

An SEO audit will help you check for those issues. For instance, the first thing you should check is if your website’s URL has more than one version. If your website has different permutations of the same URL, an SEO audit will help you check if all those versions automatically redirect to the correct version.

Next, your SEO consultant should run an audit to check if all your website pages are indexed in Google. Other common problems that you can uncover with an SEO audit are thin content issues and duplicate content issues.

2. Helps detect on-page SEO issues
Most SEO services providers use software tools to perform a thorough SEO audit. For instance, they use website-crawling tools to check for indexing errors and HTTP status.

At the same time, they should manually check for any on-page SEO issues. For instance, they will check if your webpage has a well-written title tag and meta description and if it has enough subheads, such as H2s and H3s. Another important thing to check is if your website is optimized for the right keywords.

An SEO audit helps identify all those issues, so you can take the necessary steps to fix your SEO.

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