7 Responsibilities of an SEO Consultant- What You Should Know About

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SEO is a field that many people are not familiar with, but it is crucial for a successful website. With a lack of knowledge, you could end up with a bad website that doesn’t rank well, or you could end up spending money and time without results.

This article will discuss the key responsibilities of an SEO consultant whether as a freelancer or an employee in a digital marketing agency. By understanding these things and undergoing SEO Training, you will be able to create a website that ranks well and can generate more profits.

1. Website Analysis

An important part of a successful content marketing campaign is having a clear understanding of your website. This means knowing what pages on your site get the most traffic and which pages don’t get enough traffic.

The purpose of website analysis is to uncover and analyze the pages that your audience visits the most and least. This information will help you know which pages to improve, which pages to delete, and which pages need to be updated.

2. Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is the process of optimising your content for the search engines. Search engines crawl the web looking for relevant content and then rank it based on how relevant it is to the search terms used.

When you’re planning your content strategy, it’s essential that you first conduct keyword research and then optimise your content for keywords.

3. Content Generation

Content creation is one of the most important things you can do to drive traffic to your site.

You’ll need to generate content for a variety of purposes. You can use content to build authority, drive traffic, and improve your SEO.

In order to attract visitors, your content must be compelling and unique, as well as answer your audience’s questions.

4. Competitor Analysis

You’ll need to analyze your data and figure out what’s working and what’s not. This includes looking at your social media metrics and how well your content is performing.

5. Information Technology Skills 

The reason why SEO consultants are hired is that their clients need help improving their site’s SEO. As a result, SEO consultants need to have a strong understanding of information technology (IT).

As an SEO consultant, you’ll work closely with your client’s IT team to make sure their websites are optimised for the search engines. You’ll need to make sure that your client’s website has a robust IT infrastructure so that they can easily access and modify their website content.

6. Link Building

When you build links to your client’s website, you’re essentially giving your client’s website authority.

Linking external sites to the client’s website is a very powerful form of online marketing because they help establish trust between your client’s website and search engines.

7. Client Relationships

The relationship between you and your client is one of the most important relationships you’ll have during the course of your career.

As an SEO consultant, you’ll be responsible for helping your client achieve their business goals.


There are 7 things that all search engine optimization consultants should do regularly to keep you on track. To be a good SEO consultant, you have to know your stuff inside and out, but also have the ability to adapt to different situations and problems. In addition to this, you must continually keep up with the latest trends and techniques in search engine optimization in order to stay ahead of the competition and generate leads.


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