10 Key Questions To Ask Your SEO Consultant To Help You Design a Successful Website

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Your website is your business card—and it should convey to the world that your company is professional, credible and trustworthy. But what makes a great website? A well-designed, functional website that is SEO-optimized (meaning that it’s optimized for search engines) is key to growing your business online. With a few easy tweaks, a site that’s not SEO-optimized could actually make your business worse off. It’s true—as a digital marketing agency, your site is the best salesperson you have. So, how do you design the perfect site? Read on to learn the right questions to ask your SEO consultant for an SEO-focused website design.  


  1. Do you offer services aside from web design?

There are many things to think about when building a website. Web designers usually have graphic and logo design skills, content writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, and marketing experience which means they will be able to build a high-performing website that will generate leads. Ask if they will also provide you with these services.  


  1. Do you observe SEO best practices when creating the site?

Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of any website. A properly optimized website can help you gain more traffic to your site and bring more business to your company. Ask if your web developer provides end-to-end SEO services in Singapore including title optimization, meta tag optimization, link building, link removal, article submissions, and directory inclusions.  


  1. Are your web designs responsive?

Before launching a website, it is important that it is optimized on any device whether desktop or mobile. It should have a clear view of all content – all text is readable and all images are visible. Clarify if they can create responsive layouts for your website.   


  1. How long will my website design and development take to get done?

In your discussion with your web design consultant, ask “When should I expect my site to get done?” This question is a great starting point because it helps them break down the entire project into weekly or daily tasks. They begin to plan a strategy and set timelines with realistic expectations.   


  1. What do you need from me to kick off this project?

Ask the person you hire to give you a checklist of what you need to provide them with so they can get started. Basically, you need to submit your content, images, login info, etc.   


  1. Can you show me a portfolio of your previous projects?

When you are looking for a company to do some web design for you, you need to take a look at their portfolio. Take note of the style of their work and the type of work they have done. Look at their past projects.   


  1. How will you incorporate my marketing strategies?

When seeking help in designing your website, you should make sure that the website they’re building will help you to achieve your goals. Not all web designers can integrate your marketing strategies on your website but some SEO agencies can.  Ask if they can develop your marketing strategy and what SEO strategies they will use on your website to convert website visitors into leads and generate more sales.  


  1. How secure is my website?

A website is like a store. No one can enter your store if you didn’t provide the appropriate locks and security devices. It is important that you ask your web developer to install some security tools on your website. These security measures will ensure the safety of your customers and visitors.  



When you hire an SEO consultant to design and develop your website, you have to have an SEO in mind and need to ask the right questions to ensure you’re working with someone who can help you reach your goals. They’ll have a lot of experience working with clients in similar situations and should have the tools and resources to help you achieve success. The following questions can help you determine whether you’re working with an SEO consultant who can help you with your SEO-focused website.  


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