SEO Consultant Tips to Maximize Holiday Search Traffic Using Seasonal Keywords

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Most of the strategies of every digital marketing agency for this period are developed well in advance, and many online retail brands create specific seasonal campaigns to increase their profitability during this time of year. A thorough understanding of seasonal SEO is required for developing a winning SEO strategy with the assistance of an SEO Consultant or with your SEO Training background, gaining insights from your performance data, and providing accurate reports.

Seasonal keywords are crucial in website optimization. In this article, we will discuss some strategies for utilizing seasonal keywords for appropriate website optimization.  


Tips to Boost Your SEO with Seasonal Keywords

Seasonal Keywords Start with a Seed

A seed keyword is a one or two-word phrase that is important in your industry. For example, a toy store’s most important seed keywords would be ‘toys’ and ‘games.’

Adding Christmas-related words (such as the present, Christmas, gift, and holiday) to these words yields ‘Christmas toys,’ ‘toys for presents,’ ‘Christmas games,’ ‘holiday games,’ and so on. This is a good place to start when looking for seasonal keywords.


Expanding Your List of Keywords

After you’ve gathered your seed keywords for Christmas SEO, it’s time to broaden your keyword list. While seed keywords have high search volumes, they are extremely competitive and difficult to rank for. Find additional seasonal keywords with less competition if you want to gain an advantage and rank well.


Picking Only What Generates Interest

Now that you’ve compiled a list of keywords, it’s time to prioritize those that have the most potential for success for your website.

Choosing those with low average search volumes has a high chance of resulting in a dramatic increase in search volumes. Most webmasters overlook this search volume, which will provide you with a competitive advantage and help you improve your rankings.

This is how you can use keywords for Christmas SEO, and now we’ll move on to the next section of this blog. Let us now look at how developing an effective SEO strategy for your website can help it perform well during the holiday season.


Putting Up Your Seasonal Products and Offers

Understanding your target audience is critical in determining which product will pique people’s interest. Examine your previous year’s data to determine which offers you can use to entice visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Here are some things you might want to include on your site’s home page:

– Holiday-season products/services that perform well

– Product bundles that can aid in product discovery

– Special offers to entice both new and existing customers

The best part about these deals and seasonal promotions is that you can repeat the strategy year after year. With just a few changes to the overall strategy, you’ll have a brand-new seasonal strategy for your brand!


Promoting Your Seasonal Content on Social Media

You’ll undoubtedly want to share your new content with the rest of the world once you’ve finished writing it. Here is where social media comes into play! By posting a link to your page on your social channels, everyone who follows you will see it and hopefully share it with their followers as well.

Use an eye-catching image and tell people what they can expect to see when they click on your link when writing your post. Make the post as short as possible, as anything longer than a few lines will be hidden under a “Read More” button on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Twitter has a strict 280-character limit.

It is acceptable to slightly overrun on Facebook and LinkedIn, but make sure that the most compelling reasons to read your article are at the top of your post.  



Now that you know how to create an effective Christmas marketing campaign for the holidays, keep in mind that timing is everything. Don’t put off starting your campaign until November because search engines take time to properly index pages.    



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