5 Strategies for SEO Consultants to Convert Viewers into Your Owned Audience

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As a digital marketing agency and SEO consultant Singapore, our mission is to assist you in harnessing the power of digital marketing to convert viewers into your own audience. 

Building and owning an audience is a fundamental goal for businesses across various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. 

These strategies not only apply to individual content creators, but are also invaluable for businesses seeking to boost their online presence through SEO services.

1. Treat Social Media as Your Marketing Funnel

For SEO consultants working with businesses, it’s vital to view social media as a powerful marketing funnel. This funnel represents the journey that individuals take from discovering your client’s content to taking action, such as subscribing or making a purchase.

To succeed on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are here to guide you in diversifying your content to cater to every stage of the funnel.

1.1 Attracting Viewers

Our first step is to assist in creating captivating content that grabs viewers’ attention. We should emphasize the importance of using eye-catching visuals, compelling headlines, and intriguing captions to draw them in.

1.2 Engaging the Community

Once viewers are engaged, we should encourage our clients to foster a sense of community. This involves interacting with the audience through likes, comments, and shares. Responding to comments and showing genuine interest in the audience’s opinions can go a long way.

1.3 Navigating the Promotional Stage

When the time is right, we guide our clients through the promotional stage. Here, our expertise comes into play as we help them direct your audience towards specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

SEO consultants can optimize content for search engines to ensure it reaches the right audience during this stage.

2. Optimize Traffic Flow with SEO Services

Maximizing opportunities for connection on Facebook and Instagram is paramount for audience growth. As SEO consultants, we can assist by optimizing traffic flow.

This involves ensuring that our clients include a website link in their bio and feature links to your other social media profiles, facilitating easy cross-platform following.

We should also recommend using the bio to promote special offers, like discount codes for your products. Customized codes allow us to track the performance of various promotions effectively.

3. Use Relevant Calls to Action (CTAs)

Tailoring CTAs is a crucial aspect of our service as SEO consultants. We should advise our clients to align their CTAs with the content’s position within the marketing funnel. For content aimed at raising awareness, CTAs such as “follow for more,” “tap the follow button,” or “double-tap to follow” can be highly effective on Facebook and Instagram. 

When seeking to engage the community, we should suggest utilizing CTAs like “share this with your friends,” “share your thoughts in the comments,” or “comment with your opinion.” During the promotional stage, direct CTAs like “subscribe to our newsletter” or “download our guide” are essential.

Enhancing the impact of CTAs on Facebook and Instagram is part of our expertise as SEO consultants. We can recommend using text overlays, stickers in videos, or attention-grabbing captions. It’s crucial to advise against using “link-in-bio” terminology, as it is not visible to viewers on these platforms.

4. Create a Promotional Post

Creating promotional posts is another area where our role as SEO consultants shines. We can guide our clients in crafting promotional posts that encourage audience engagement and email sign-ups. This strategy works well for promoting various offerings, such as workshops, challenges, or exclusive communities. 

When creating promotional posts, we should focus on presenting the offer without directly selling it. Addressing a common pain point, introducing the solution, briefly explaining the benefits, and concluding with clear calls to action are key steps. It’s essential to recommend keeping these videos concise, lasting between nine and 12 seconds.

5. Publish a Social Proof Post

Leveraging social proof is a powerful strategy for businesses, and as SEO consultants, we should highlight its importance. We can assist our clients in building credibility and trust on Facebook and Instagram by publishing social proof posts.

These posts should showcase your fans’ expressions of interest, satisfaction, or excitement regarding your content or brand. In these posts, responding to a fan’s comment with a video and using celebratory sounds to visually convey excitement without speaking are effective approaches.

Including a CTA that aligns with what the fan appreciates about the content or product is crucial. We should recommend keeping these videos brief, lasting no more than eight seconds.  



As SEO consultants working closely with you, we play a pivotal role in helping them convert viewers into your owned audience on Facebook and Instagram.

By treating social media as a marketing funnel, optimizing traffic flow with SEO services, using relevant CTAs, creating compelling promotional posts, and leveraging social proof, we can guide businesses towards steady audience growth and deeper connections.

Our expertise ensures that authenticity and engagement remain at the forefront of audience-building strategies.  



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