Why You Need to Know the Types of Featured Snippets

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You want to feature in the best spot on Google right? Do you desire more traffic for your website? Do you want your website to rank number one? 

The featured snippets feature was first introduced in 2014 by Google. But still, some people wonder what it means by ‘Featured Snippet‘ or ‘Position Zero’ and how it relates to SEO. So, here’s the explanation.

What is a Featured Snippet SEO?

A featured snippet is an SEO practice that provides the best information for a particular keyword in a webpage for your visitors. 

Since featured snippets are a part of SEO Services, a digital marketing agency will be able to assist you in optimising your page for featured snippets SEO. You can also attend SEO training with their help.

Once the recommended changes are implemented, you’ll have to request a Google index. If all is great, the featured snippets for the respective keywords will be pulled automatically from the respective pages for that keyword.

There are different types of featured snippets. Learning the types of the featured snippets will help you use the best possible format to give the best possible answer to the query.

Let’s look at the differences among them.

What are the types of featured snippets?

The most common types of featured snippets are paragraph snippets, ordered & unordered lists, video snippets and table snippets.

  1. Text Featured Snippets or Paragraph Featured Snippets.

They are just a bit of text that should answer your question. They usually extract just a few lines from the content on a web page, with a link to the original page.

  1. Numbered List.

A numbered list is a list in which the order of the items matters. For example, a recipe, or a top-10 list.

  1. Bulleted List.

An unnumbered list is a list where the order of the list items is not important.

  1. Video Featured Snippet.

Video is an effective way to present how-to content. If you’re looking for a specific process, a video might be a better way to help you than a list of instructions.

How does the search engine determine which videos are the best answers? It uses the keywords used in the video descriptions to decide what the video is about, and whether it’ll be relevant to your needs.

  1. Table Featured Snippets.

Asking for information that includes two or more variables – for example, price comparison of different models of laptops or android tablets over multiple years – results in a table featured snippet.


The type of featured snippet that you use on a search and your content query affects both your click-through rate and conversion rate.

Using a table snippet for content that requires comparison would be easier for readers to understand than showing them in a paragraph snippet. This strategy would increase your conversion rate as your visitors tend to see the whole table of data.

Hence, if you’re working on your SEO, knowing the types of featured snippets and what they mean is vital for improving your organic traffic.


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