Understanding Keyword Intent for SEO (Part Two)

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When you create content for SEO purpose, you use keywords or key phrases. But did you know that those words or phrases can tell you a lot about the user’s search intent? In fact, Google ranks content on its search results based on keyword intent or search intent. That is exactly why an SEO expert or SEO consultant should consider the search intent of a keyword when creating content around it.

Simply put, keyword intent helps you understand why someone has conducted an online search, what type of content they are looking for, etc. Keyword intent could be 1) informational, 2) commercial, 3) transactional, and 4) navigational, among others. We already touched upon the first two types of keyword intent. So let’s take a close look at the next two types.

Transactional intent
Transactional intent sits between commercial intent and informational intent. Keywords with a transactional intent could make you a little confused about the real intention of the searcher. It could be buying a product. But it could also be reading reviews before buying a product. For instance, let’s say the key phrase is “Women’s formal trouser.” Now the person conducting an online search for that keyword could be looking to buy a formal trouser. But some users can use that search term to make an informed buying decision. For the second type of searchers, you can create review articles or “Top-10-style” articles.

Navigational intent
Keywords with a navigational intent usually contain the name of a brand or company. The searcher knows exactly what website they want to visit. For instance, if someone types “Facebook login”, they are looking for the Facebook login page and nothing else. So your digital marketing agency probably won’t waste time and effort trying to rank higher on those keywords. One way to know the intent of a keyword is by doing a Google search for that keyword. The search results will give a fair idea of what type content the search giant is ranking on the first page of its search results.

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