Why Are Clients Quitting Your SEO Agency and How to Retain Them?

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Obtaining new clients to sign up a contract with your digital marketing agency can be simple since a lot of businesses today are rooting for SEO to gain website traffic. However, retaining the majority of your existing clients is tough. Without clients, your company’s profit will decline. Various reasons would depend on the circumstance but if you track them, you can identify common trends which we are going to discuss in this article.

Why Your SEO Agency is Losing Clients?

Setting Wrong Expectations
If your firm has a solid reputation, your client could be expecting too much. Since they will invest in your company to help them drive their website to a good spot in the search engine, they would expect to see the value of their money. In that case, don’t tell them what you cannot deliver in a timely manner.

Lack of Report Deliberation
It is always vital to keep your clients updated with the progress. Don’t leave them guessing what’s happening. Also, not all clients have knowledge in SEO and how it works. So, failure to report would leave them questioning the efficacy of your project plan and implementation.

Showing Low to No Results
Let’s say your client understood the process and patiently waited for a year to see the result. But then, there are missed targets that are obviously controllable. That’s alarming! There must be an issue with the internal setup which needs thorough checking.

Unforeseen Changes in Search Engine Algorithm
With constant changes in the search engine like moving the page around to check the impact, there are possibilities that your clients’ page will be affected with the ranking movements. Also, there are instances of site penalties without warning due to the change in algorithm. If your client is unaware of these probabilities, they would think it’s a serious problem.

What are the Ways to Retain Them?

Frequent Reporting
Roll out monthly report, performance or listing rankings across the site, the techniques being used, deliverables, and the next steps. Create a roadmap at the start of the agreement with the client, and send occasional updates to exhibit improvement.

Set Realistic Goal
It is okay to dream of huge progress but if you think you can’t live up to that standard, don’t promise what you cannot deliver. It is better to be honest about what you can offer and when you can reach the target.

Educating the Client
Educating them will not only help you gain their trust but also help you build a long-term relationship. Keeping them informed would reflect your skills and add merit to them. Simplify the topics when you think they don’t totally grasp the process.

Review Your SEO Practices
As an owner or the management head, you have to remind your team or the SEO consultant or SEO expert to provide a solid ground of the organization and implementation of the SEO strategies. Review the practices or the new trends and train the team again when necessary.

There are different reasons why clients leave you but try to deal with the common objections in order to increase the chances of retention.


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