2 More Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

Just because you’re short on budget doesn’t mean your digital marketing should suffer. It is actually possible to increase traffic to your website, on a budget. We posted a blog around this topic earlier, and we highly recommend you to read that before continuing with this one.

Once you’re done with the first part of this article, now you can read this part for two more ideas. Without further ado, let’s drive right in.

1. Use podcasting

Podcasting is all the rage these days. Anyone can create a podcast and start interviewing successful people in their niche. But it’s one thing to have a podcast; it’s another to actually use it to drive more traffic to your website. Your SEO consultant or SEO expert can help you leverage podcasting. The idea is really simple. Typically, it works in three steps – 1) Create your own podcast, 2) Interview a popular guest every week, 3) Ask your guest to share the episode with their audience.

Can you see how it works? When an influencer (in your niche) will share your podcast with their followers, some of them will notice your brand and visit your website.

2. Co-publish content with popular site owners

Again, the idea here is to leverage the popularity of an established brand. You first need to find out some popular websites/blogs in your niche. Once you have a list of popular sites, now your job is to contact the website owners via email or phone and ask them to allow you to co-publish a post onto their site. If your content is good, some of them may accept your proposal. That’s because they don’t have time to create good content. If you do it for them, they’ll happily allow you to co-publish. On the other hand, co-publishing content with them will help you drive a fraction of their followers/readers to your website.

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