3 Common Website Mistakes Affecting Your Small Business (Part one)

Do you often wonder why your competitor’s website attracts more traffic than yours when there’s seemingly not much difference between the two?

Well, maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. Only a professional SEO consultant can point out the “invisible” mistakes in your website. But before you can hire professional SEO services, you can at least be aware of the common website mistakes SMBs often make. Here are the three most critical ones.

1. Not having a defined goal

Launching a website just because others are doing it is NOT a smart move. Yes…… businesses today should launch a website, but not until they know why they need one. Ideally, start by asking questions, such as, “Why do I need to lunch a website?” or “What am I trying to achieve with this?” It could be generating more leads, improving your online reputation, or maximizing your sales. Once you define your why, you can now create a content strategy or design plan for your website, with the end goals in mind.

2. Not making it mobile-friendly

Let’s face it! More and more people today are using their mobile phones for Google search. If you don’t optimize your website for Smartphone and other mobile devices, you’ll surely miss out a large part of the audience. Consider using responsive designs so your website can easily fit into the end-user’s device. You should also plan your SEO with the mobile users in mind.

3. Not considering load speed

Now that people are more used to getting things done in just one click, they hate waiting! If your website takes forever to load, guess what…… your potential visitors would dump you forever. The importance of ensuring fast website loading speed cannot be stressed enough. If possible, hire an experienced developer to take care of the load speed. Otherwise, you can consider opting for SSD web hosting, which skips certain steps to help find the requested data faster.

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