3 More Content Distribution Ideas for SMBs

Stiffer competition in the digital marketing agency space means that you need to be more strategic about your content creation and distribution. For instance, as a small business owner, you now need to know what type of content your audience wants and where they usually consume that content. Ask your SEO consultant or SEO expert to map every piece of content towards a specific goal. We discussed some content distribution ideas for SMBs in an earlier article. Here are some more ideas.

1. Blogging

Blogging continues to be a great tool for lead acquisition. It also helps strengthen your domain authority and makes your website rank higher in organic search results. Depending on the nature of business, different types of blog posts are suitable for different types of businesses. You may want to focus more on how-to articles or comparison articles. Another crucial factor for blogging success is keyword research. You want to target the right keywords for the right audience.

2. Whitepapers

Creating high-value marketing whitepapers is a time-consuming task, but the results are worth the effort. If you can create original research-papers or conduct surveys among your target audience, your content is likely to get immediate attention from your industry peers. More and more websites will use and accredit your content, resulting in a steady flow of relevant traffic to your website for a long period of time.

3. Webinars

If you want to generate leads for your online business fast, webinars is the way to go. Your webinar could be an interview with an industry expert. Or it could be a guide/demonstration on how to use a certain tool. Whatever topic you choose for your webinar, make sure it offers real value to your audience. In order to inform your potential participants or create a buzz around the webinar, consider using email marketing. Have all interested participants register for the webinar and collect their contact information in the process. You can later use those details to run another digital marketing campaign among your potential customers.

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