3 More Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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Around 76 percent of all local internet searches result in a phone call and may even lead to a store visit, according to a recent study. Getting your local SEO rankings right is extremely important for improving the prospects of your business. As your SEO services will guide you, here are some more local SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Duplication of “My Business” profile pages

SEO consultants reiterate that search engines like Google hate duplicate content. And the reason is obvious! Duplicate content give users a bad surfing experience when they find the same content over and over again. The search engine’s resources are wasted too by analyzing and storing duplicate content. This is why each location should only have one profile page. There are tools available for checking on duplicate listings. You need to track them down and ask Google to remove them so that they cannot drag down your ratings.

2. Keyword stuffing in the footer

It was believed for a long time that stuffing names of cities and zip codes as keywords in the article’s footer can help improve local search rankings. However, it is important to remember that search engines like Google have changed their algorithms and such manipulative behavior is being penalized now. Google has clearly stated that irrelevant keywords create a seemingly negative user experience. To avoid keyword stuffing in the footer or it can affect the rankings of your website.

3. Ignoring common ranking factors

Your SEO services provider will educate you about factors that commonly impact your overall SEO rankings. Domain authority, for instance, is a common factor to consider. The more robust the domain authority, the better the SEO ranking would be. Backlinks are also one of the important determinants of SEO rankings. The nature and diversity of your backlinks determine your SEO ranking, local or otherwise.

Avoiding the above mistakes and following any advice given by your SEO services provider will certainly help you improve your local SEO.

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