3 More Situations Where You Should Use a Long Sales Page

If you want to skyrocket your conversion rate, don’t just use the same landing page for all your marketing campaigns. According to a recent HubSpot survey, companies that use 40 or more landing pages see 120% increased conversion rates than those using less than 5, also SEO expert usually keen on using landing pages rather than the actual website. 

As you can image, some of these landing pages could be long-form sales pages. If you are not sure when to use long sales pages, your digital marketing agency can help. They can even help you create an awesome sales page, thanks to their team of designers, copywriters and a SEO consultant. Here are 3 more situations where you should use a long sales page.

1. When you’re offering a high-priced product

Price objection is one of the biggest obstacles to high conversion. Just because you deserve a (or think you deserve) a pretty penny for your product or service doesn’t mean your prospects are convinced about it. When your price is too high, you need to justify the cost to your customers. Maybe they cannot fathom why they should buy something for $2000 when a seemingly similar product is available for $200. This is where your sales page should explain them what more they’d do get for that extra price.

2. When your product have advanced/complicated features

When you sell a table fan, you probably don’t need to explain how it works. But when selling a productivity app, you might require explaining all the features to your prospects. A sales page is a great tool to convince your prospects about the benefits of having those features. Your copywriter should be able to explain your prospects how those extra features would make life easier for them.  

3. When buying involves long-term commitment

When it comes to a one-time purchase, your customers make decision once. That’s far easier than buying a subscription service where they need to commit monthly payments for a long term. No wonder the latter often needs more convincing. That’s exactly why you should use a long sales page when selling your subscription services.

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