3 More Steps for Developing an Effective SEO Strategy


In the previous post, we looked at 3 basic introductory steps for developing a winning SEO strategy. As you try to perfect your SEO with the help of an SEO expert, here are some more steps that will keep you on track.

1. Perform a competitor analysis

As you’ve started visiting the competitor websites to spot their preferred keywords, use this opportunity for a comprehensive competitor analysis. Apart from the keywords, study the URLs, the titles, descriptions, widgets and plug-ins, mobile-friendliness of the portal, speed of loading and so on. It is also important to read through the pages for a fair understanding of the content structure.

2. Create content judiciously

High-quality content always helps boost your online presence and reputation. In fact, every SEO training course will have a module that provides guidelines for content creation. You need to keep it crisp and informative. Refrain from stuffing your Meta tags or descriptions with keywords, which is a common mistake people do in an attempt to achieve higher rankings. Try and implement ideas picked up from your competitor analysis. Your SEO expert can also provide the required assistance.

3. Measure and track your SEO progress

Once you have implemented some of the strategies regarding content creation, keyword research, page optimization and so on, it is time to measure and track your progress. There are several metrics and web analytic tools available for tracking the progress of your SEO campaign. It is important to engage a few of these and check on the progress so that changes can be made before it’s too late!

In addition, staying updated with SEO news and trends is also important. Read up on current developments and how search engines are changing their algorithms, so that you can make necessary changes in your strategy, well in time.

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