3 More Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines

Just writing great blog posts or posting regularly is not enough. Success in blogging depends on several other factors. You need to know what keywords to use, where to insert your keywords and other SEO techniques. If you are concerned about the weak online presence of your blog posts, consider joining an SEO training course. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to run a blog successfully, but knowing the basics would help. In the previous post, we discussed some important steps you need to take for boosting the SEO of your blog. Here are some more tips.

1. Include a keyword in meta description

The meta-description shows up just below your title tag in the search result. It gives a brief overview of the link, making it easier for the searchers to understand what the post is about. Including a keyword in the meta data helps the search bots find your post when someone searched with the same or a related keyword. Google now allows 300 characters in the description. Make sure that you use up the full space. Also, try inserting the keyword in the first sentence of the description.

2. Avoid keyword stuffing

While using the right keywords is important for SEO, you should not force too many keywords into the post as this could harm your reputation to the search engine. The rule of thumb is to use less than two keywords per 400 words. If possible use some related words as well.

3. Optimize your images

Your blog post should also have some images. It is equally important to optimize your images for the search engine. Since search bots cannot recognize images, you should include a description of your image in the alt-text. It is even better if you can include a keyword in the alt text.

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