3 More Ways Google Determines the Quality of a Webpage

In a previous article, we touched upon some of the basic parameters set by Google for judging the quality of a webpage. You can always ask your SEO expert or join an SEO training course to know about these qualities in details. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at a few more things that make a webpage good quality according to Google.

1. Zero Technical Errors

Google always encourages quality control and rewards the websites that function well. For instance, the links should function properly, images should not consume too much time to load and the content should be duly updated over a period of time. The website audit tool should be used to perfection in order to ensure that the site is free from errors.

2. Superior Quality Page Design

The website you create should always be well organized and possess a layout that is functionally superior. The primary content should be showcased with clarity and should be designated clearly as the “main content”. Too many advertisements and secondary content bits should not distract the reader from the principal content. The page design should be organized well and functionality should never be compromised for aesthetics. Overall it should be easy and convenient to surf without any glitches.

3. Good Reputation

Google awards positive reputation. If the website is marred by a bad name, it can have a negative impact on the quality of the website. Google advises rating specialists to check BBB ratings, blog posts, news articles, magazine articles, and ratings provided by independent organizations for judging the reputation of a company. Websites should always tread that extra mile for protecting their reputation.

Every SEO training course of repute will guide you with regard to the qualities specified by Google for impressive search engine rankings. These should be referred to thoroughly for more visibility and impressive visitor inflow.

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