3 More Ways to Boost a Post on Social Media

Paying your social media partners to sponsor your content on your targeted audience’s feeds is a surefire way to boost your business, but there are ways to do it organically, too. Also, before promoting, you should make sure your post is doing well and has a clear call to action. This is where a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy and search engine optimization for your content step in. Here are 3 more ways to boost a post on social media.

1. Customize posts for different platforms

There is a reason different social media channels are thriving as distinct platforms — because they have unique ways of content presentation, which users also like. For Facebook, informative, yet entertaining, instantly shareable posts work the best. Twitter’s USP is quirky, crisp and catchy updates that arouse curiosity, and Instagram is all about the visual element — pictures and videos. You can hire a digital marketing agency to help you create and package content for different platforms.

2. Encourage commenting

For social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, only content that drives engagement gains a position of prominence in users’ feed. Comments on posts are one major form of engagement. This is why posts coming up on Instagram’s Explore page are the ones with the highest number of comments. Responding to users’ comments with the help of a social media monitor could help achieve more engagement.

3. Use hashtags

Ask an SEO consultant or SEO expert what is a quick way to boost posts, and chances are high that they will tell you it is metadata tags, or hashtags. They help your posts reach the right audience by expanding your reach, and even help build a brand. Use a combination of custom hashtags and common, industry-specific ones since they help locate your business in the industry. With custom hashtags, it is important to keep them short and populate them by including them in your earlier posts. However, refrain from using too many hashtags in one post or replacing captions with them.

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