3 More Ways to Generate Leads For Your Business

Without a constant flow of high-quality leads, your business will not survive for long, let alone growing bigger. But even if you know lead generation is important, creating high quality leads for your business is not easy.

Along with professional help from an experience SEO consultant or SEO expert, you’ll need to do digital marketing for effective lead generation. Here are some more tips on how to generate leads for your business.

1. Use A/B testing

In this process, you’ll use software to compare two variants of your web page. The idea is to find out which of the two is more effective in achieving your desired goal. For instance, if you want to collect visitor emails on your home page, you may want to A/B test two versions of your home page to see which one is getting you more leads. That way, you can eliminate any guesswork and employ the most effective version of your home page for your lead generation.

2. Create viral content

One way expedite your lead generation process is by creating viral content. But how will you create viral content? What is the recipe of viral content? Although there is no set formula for it, a recent study conducted by Jonah Berger and Katy Milkman found that viral content usually have three ingredients, a positive message, lots of practical advice and tips and a little dose of emotion. If you can stir all three in the right proportion, creating viral content shouldn’t be too difficult. Not to mention, a piece of viral content can get you lots of high-quality leads.

3. Use social media marketing

It is also possible to generate leads through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All you need is to use the right strategy on the right platform. In order to make this strategy work, you should focus on audience interaction rather than simply posting more content pieces. Ask questions to your audience and respond to their queries or feedback as quickly as possible. Keeps the conversation going and before you know it you’ll generate lots of leads from your social marketing efforts.

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