3 Types of Keywords you should Use for SEO Success

The importance of choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign cannot be stressed enough. After all, the entire search algorithm revolves around keywords or key phrases. When you hire an SEO service, the first thing they do is keyword research.

At its core, keywords are nothing but words and phrases that users use to search for a product or service online. There are many different types of keywords, but SEO consultants usually stress on using mainly three types. Here’s a look at the three most important types of keywords for SEO success.

1. Generic keyword

This type of keyword targets a broad category of products or services. Examples of generic keywords could be ‘men’s t-shirts’ and ‘SEO services’. These terms do not mention specific details. For instance, the keyword ‘men’s t-shirt’ covers all types of men’s t-shirts, including printed shirts, cotton shirts and designer shirts. Owing to the broad area that they cover, ranking for a generic keyword could be really difficult. However, if you can rank with generic keywords, you are likely to drive heavy traffic to your website from the search results.

2. Broad match keyword

These keywords are more specific and are much less competitive than generic keywords. Visitors who find your website through these keywords are more likely to buy from you, because they know what exactly they are looking for. Examples of broad match keywords are ‘Blue t-shirts for men’ and ‘SEO services in Singapore’.

3. Long tail keywords

This type of keyword phrases use the exact sentence that someone types when searching for a product or service online. For instance, one can write, ‘What are the different types of blue t-shirts available for men?’ Now this whole sentence can be used as a long-tail keyword.

For best results, you should use a combination of the three types of keywords mentioned above.

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