3 Ways to Boost a Post on Social Media

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Boosting a post on social media entails enlisting the services of the concerned platforms to promote your posts to a target audience. With active social media users touching 3.5 billion, it is a crucial part of any business’s digital marketing agency strategy.

The proliferation of content across social media sites has resulted in a decrease in the number of opportunities for brands to interact organically with clients and followers. Paid social media marketing has become necessary.  

1. on Facebook

The largest social media network is used by over 70 million businesses, so it makes sense to harness its reach for your business. Just click on the ‘Boost Post’ towards the right on the bottom of your post. Now, you can choose two kinds of audiences; (a) an audience Facebook will curate for you and (b) an audience created by you based on a range of targeting options like age, gender, location and interests. Next, you will need to decide on a budget, which is based on the time your post will stay boosted.

2. on Twitter

After you have composed your tweet, click on the ‘View Tweet Activity’ and then the ‘Promote Your Tweet’ section of the body. Following this, choose the targeting option and choose your budget, which will decide the amount of engagement and impressions your boosted post will accumulate. However, since Twitter only allows targeting based on location, you may not want to pay to boost your tweet. In that case, you can hire an SEO consultant or SEO expert for better engagement.

3. on LinkedIn

An effective marketing platform for B2B companies, LinkedIn presents a range of options to boost a post. For instance, you can opt for its sophisticated sponsored content feature. LinkedIn allows you to keep a track on when users are most active during the day (6 am, 12 pm and 7 pm). You can time your updates accordingly. Another tried-and-tested way is to write posts in the form of questions, drawing answers and responses.

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