5 Ingredients of Good SEO Copy

The days of writing content for search bots are over. Now you need to post original content for human readers, even when your real intention is to boost your SEO. If you are planning to create content for SEO, you should keep yourself updated with the latest SEO rules. Often, when people hire SEO services, they depend on them for everything related to SEO, including SEO copywriting. The problem is; not all SEO agencies have a dedicated team for creating good content. Before hiring an SEO consultant or agency, check whether they have expertise in writing SEO copy. One good idea would be to read some of the content on their website. If you are not sure what makes a copy SEO-friendly, read here about the five elements of good SEO copy.

1. Originality of content

Search engines penalize websites that post copied or duplicate content. And if you think original content is anything that passes the Copyscape, think again! It is not only about copying words. If you steal an idea, it is still considered as plagiarism. Even rephrased content may be considered as copied content. All you need is original ideas expressed in simple, easy-to-read sentences.

2. Strong headlines

The main headline of your copy should have something to capture the attention of your audience. Studies show that a strong headline helps attract more readers to you content. If possible, use keywords in your headline so that the search bots can easily find them for relevant audience. Another good idea would be use sub headings in your post. It not only helps make your post readable, but boosts your SEO.

3. Effective titles and descriptions

Many people, even some experts, do not know the importance of creating great meta titles and descriptions. Often, these descriptions encourage readers to click on a search result. There are different character limits for titles and descriptions. You should follow that. Try to make full use of the space provided. You can even insert keywords in your title and description. One common mistake people make is that they provide a lame description of the post.

Instead, you should try and attract the attention of your prospects with something interesting. For instance, you can start with a question or state a problem and then say how the below page can help resolve the problem – all within the space provided.

4. Content that adds value

Even though you are writing for SEO, you should make your content useful for human readers. If the copy does not add value to your readers, they’ll reject it right away, no matter whether your website ranks higher in search results. So your focus should be on creating useful content.

5. Storytelling

Stirring a little emotion to your content helps make your readers think the way you want them to think. It is also called persuasive writing. You are not just presenting facts, but telling a story. And what better way to connect with someone emotionally than by telling a story? If your copy tells a story, it will easily engage your readers and encourage them to take actions. You can add a call to action at the end. It works well to turn your readers to your subscribers or your prospects to your customers.

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