5 Myths about Link Building Debunked

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Link building has been an important part of SEO services for long. Quality links help improve a website’s search ranking, even today. However, there are misconceptions about the ways to use link building as a SEO strategy. Here are 5 common myths about link building.

1. Quantity is as important as quality

No, it is not. Quality is more important than quantity. Google is not less concerned about the number of links you have, and more about the quality of your links. This means you need to make sure that you are links are coming from authoritative and relevant sources.

2. All links have to be built manually

On the contrary, it is better to let links come naturally. If you want to create a lot of inbound links, seek professional help from an SEO consultant to develop effective and high-quality content. Look for SEO services that focus on link earning rather than link building.

3. Link building may lead to blacklisting of your website

Yes, Google sometimes penalizes sites that engage in building spammy links, but that is an extreme step that the search giant takes. However, there is nothing to worry, if you are trying earn quality links, but still have some spammy links. Unless your link building gets terribly manipulative, you are unlikely to receive a penalty and Google will only ignore the bad links.

4. Outbound links are bad for rankings

Sites featuring outbound links to irrelevant websites could be penalized. However, search engines actually prioritize blogs and websites that feature outbound links that are beneficial to users. It benefits both your digital marketing campaign and your search engine rankings.

5. Links are permanent

Be wary of an SEO consultant telling you that a link they added is permanent. The truth is that link building should never end because site owners often remove them, or websites themselves get shut down.

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