Debunking 5 most Common SEO Myths

The world of SEO is riddled with myths and misconceptions. Despite there being a lot of information, organizations persist with rumors and lose out on the benefits of SEO services. While some companies believe that SEO is expensive, some go to the extent of believing they don’t need it. Organizations also fall for the instant benefits PPC and AdWords offer and overlook the much more valuable long-term benefits. Here is debunking 5 most common SEO myths.

1. Links should be earned, and not built

This myth was born after the punishing of certain sites that were into link-building by Google’s Penguin update. This led to widespread belief that earning links by creating rich content on sites, instead of building them, was the way to go. This was only half the truth, as the sites banned had been indulging in unethical link-building. The truth is that link-building is as relevant as ever. Use online resources to determine what kind of content is being shared by your users.

2. Keywords are no longer important

Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though cramming keywords into content is still not advisable, they are still a fundamental element of search engine optimization. Discuss the possibility of using keyword variations, surrounding content, and themes with your SEO consultant. In addition, your aim should be to place keywords naturally in the following sections on each page:

• Page title
• Meta description
• Page content
• H1 header
• H2 headers
• Alt text for images

As always, make sure that the content on your site has a smooth flow and is grammatically correct.

3. SEO needs to be done only once

Hiring an SEO consultant on permanent basis allows you to keep adapting to updates and algorithms. A few reasons why companies need to keep up with their SEO link degradation, rivals’ persistent efforts to outdo you, and outdated content. Barring very few businesses with niche audiences, almost every organization needs round-the-year checks. Another matter for concern is the misconception that SEO can be automated.

4. AdWords helps improve organic search

This is another age-old myth that should be debunked now. The paid ads at the top of search results and Google AdWords are totally different from organic search results. Google doesn’t use AdWords listings data for its organic algorithm. However, AdWords is extremely advantageous when used with great SEO, since it can boost overall exposure by giving companies ads and organic results. The cost investment for AdWords, too, is greater when compared to SEO services.

5. Images and videos don’t count

Actually, images and videos help your site in two ways. First, they help to create a better user experience, since photos, infographics, illustrations, and images that make content easy to consume. The other benefit is an increased relevance with respect to keywords. Have your SEO consultant optimize your images using alt text, and it will open up an entirely new channel for traffic. This helps to rank well in the image search results. The final step is to review image optimization by auditing it on a platform like WooRank.

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