How Blogging Helps in SEO

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It’s easy to fall for the popular opinion that blogging no longer works.

But ask any SEO consultant and they’ll probably tell you the opposite. Yes, it’s true that the internet sees more than 4 million new blog posts every day, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon this online marketing tool. No way!

In fact, the need for blogging is even more urgent and crucial today. The only thing is you’ve to do it the right way. If you are still not convinced, read on this article to know how blogging helps in SEO.

Helps create in-depth content

Blog posts are still the go-to resource for most people when they need in-depth, research-based and analytical content. With the popularity of YouTube videos, many people would prefer watching over reading. But when they need detailed information about something, they’d still prefer reading a blog. That’s because reading helps digest a complex subject matter with a lot of nuances more easily than watching does. 

Helps build identity

To draw and hold the audience attention in a competitive market, your business needs to stand out. One great way to do that is building your brand identity. An SEO expert should help you identify your brand from miles away. Your business should have its own voice. That’s where blogging comes. Blogging helps your business find its personal voice, which helps improve audience engagement. And you know how engagement can help with SEO.

Helps keep the visitor longer on your website

This is yet another advantage of having a regularly updated blog. As you add more articles to your blog, you can link them to each other. Your digital marketing agency can help you with this. This will not only increase the time spent on the website but also build credibility in the customers’ minds as they find all the relevant information comprehensively on your website. As customers like you more, Google does too!

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