How an SEO Consultant Differentiates National SEO vs. Local SEO

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Local search is becoming more important than ever. This is especially true for small businesses and startups that want to expand their reach in the local market. However, many of these small businesses have been using outdated SEO tactics for the past few years.

In fact, many have been focusing on national SEO strategies without paying attention to local SEO strategies. As a result, their businesses haven’t seen much growth in the local market. 

Fortunately, there are great digital marketing agency and SEO consultant that offers top-quality national and local SEO services that will help small businesses achieve higher rankings in local search results and eventually in national. 

But first, we have to understand the differences between the two.

In this article, you will find out the similarities and differences between local and national SEO.  


Local SEO

Google is informed of your company’s location thanks to local SEO. For physical stores, this is especially crucial. You want Google to be aware that your shop is nearby when someone searches for “doughnut shops near me.”

You may then appear in the search results. You’ll be able to direct people to your gourmet fruity pebble frosted doughnuts if you’ve set up Google My Business.

The local SEO specialist will concentrate on keywords throughout a campaign on local search that is pertinent to the company’s geographical location. This can be a street address, a neighbourhood name, or the name of the city. Essentially, your goal in employing this marketing strategy is to establish a presence in the neighbourhood.

It is critical that customers can readily find your local business. Users typically view the closest stores or services near their current location if search optimization is done properly.  


National SEO

The best SEO technique for large businesses, franchises, and online stores is national SEO. These websites want to reach as many individuals as they can. They are more likely to raise their profit as their internet audience grows (independent of where they are).

This strategy is intended to be used by any business that can deliver its goods fast and safely to remote areas. International SEO can also be built upon the foundation of national SEO.

In this instance, you’re not vying with nearby businesses for one of those highly sought-after top rankings. You face competition from companies selling comparable goods throughout the country or the globe. This means that your SEO strategy is very different from that of a physical store aiming to rank among Google’s first results for their doughnut shop.  


Difference between Local SEO and National SEO

The goals of both national and local SEO are the same, and both can place your business near the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). The top few Google search engine rankings typically generate substantial profits since they receive the most clicks. Both of these SEO strategies can be used to achieve high rankings on SERPs.

The visitors’ origins are the main point of differentiation among them. Focusing on those who live close to your business will help local search, which is advantageous if you work there or depend on leads from that area. Brands, on the other hand, use national SEO to drive as much traffic as they can across the nation.


Similarities between National SEO and Local SEO

Local SEO and national SEO are similar despite their variances. The main one is that quality is sought after by search engines in order to provide the best user experience. The last thing Google wants to do is direct a customer to a subpar website (or coffee shop) and encourage them to use Bing, Yahoo, or Yelp instead in the future.

In order to provide a great user experience, it is important to consider what search engine bots are actually doing when they are crawling the internet: they are looking for signals that reflect high-quality content (for national SEO) and listings (for local SEO).  



Moreover, local and national SEO is a fantastic yet easy technique to attract and serve your target market with your business. It also doesn’t cost as much as advertising, but if done correctly and in accordance with SEO trends, it may be quite effective.    



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