How SMBs can Compete with Big Players in SEO

As a small business owner, you may feel bogged down seeing the level of competition in the online space. There are many big players that are already selling what you are planning to sell. They, of course, have some advantages in SEO as well. From domain authority to link diversity and credibility, they seem to have the upper hand in every department.

Thankfully, SEO no longer focuses only on how long you’ve been in the business, your content volumes and how many inbound links you have. The focus has shifted to whether or not your website is useful and relevant to the users. This gives everyone a level playing field – no matter the size of their business. You can join an SEO training course to know more about this. Here are some useful tips on how a small business can compete with the giant players in SEO.

Focus on a niche

It is easier to improve your website ranking when your focus on a particular niche. The idea is to present your business as an expert in the niche. For instance, if your business provides interior design services, you may want to focus on office renovation or home renovation. By directing your SEO efforts towards a certain niche, you’ll be able to strengthen your online visibility faster.

Use hyper-focused keywords

Another good idea would be to choose keywords that big players probably would never choose. For instance, large businesses usually focus more on generic keywords and less on specific, hyper-focused keywords. This is because more people search with generic keywords, but the competition level is also high. This is why SEO experts often recommend using more specific, long tail keywords.

Target local audience

Some people always prefer buying from a local vendor. Even when they are searching online, they may look for a service provider in their city or town. You can capitalize on this opportunity by targeting your SEO efforts towards the local audience.

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