How to Deal with Google Algorithm Updates: Part Two


Keeping up with the ever-changing Google algorithm is the bane of every webmaster’s life. The search giant made more than 3000 changes in 2018, up from 350-400 changes in 2009.

So how can you keep up with so many changes? What should you do when Google rolls out a new change? How can check your traffic and recover from any penalty? Questions like this are natural to come to your mind. So here is the part two of our Google algorithm survival guide.

1. Wait and watch

One common mistake webmasters make is they start making changes to their website as soon as a new Google update takes effect. Instead, wait and watch. See if the new change has lowered your search ranking. If not, then don’t just make changes to your site for fear of losing your position. Google’s algorithm is more complex than you think. You never know what factors are responsible for your good or bad ranking. One good idea is to outsource the SEO work to a reputable digital marketing agency or hire an SEO consultant to look at improving your Google ranking.

2. Conduct a technical SEO audit

If your website has been penalized by Google, the first thing to do is performing a technical audit on your website. The purpose of this type of SEO audit is the check for any technical issues, such as slow load time and coding errors. Sometimes simple things like adding https to your URL can improve your site’s ranking to a great extent.

3. Check your backlinks

One common reason for penalty is broken links or low quality backlinks. It is therefore a good idea to audit your website for backlinks. At this stage, you can also check quality and quantity of your competitor’s backlinks and try to outperform them. For this job, you may want to use some backlink comparison tools, such as the Ahrefs Domain Comparison, an SEO expert could help you set up these strategies. 

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