How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines (Part 1)

You know your blog posts can change the world, but nobody is listening! You’re disappointed – don’t know what went wrong. But hey….did you optimize your posts for the search bots? Perhaps no! Even if you did, maybe you didn’t use the latest SEO techniques.

Don’t fret, because improving SEO for your blog posts is not rocket science. With the right guidance from an SEO consultant, making your blog posts SEO-friendly should not be an uphill task. Here are some tips to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Make your blog mobile-friendly

Most online searches are conducted from mobile devices. Some people still search from their PCs, but they are being outnumbered by mobile users. So making your website mobile-friendly is an urgent need. If your website is not mobile-friendly, every blog post on your website will have two URLs – one for PC users and another for the mobile users. That means any inbound traffic to your blog post will automatically split into two parts, diluting the value of the post to search engines.

Use long-tail keywords

With a long-tail keyword, it is easier to rank your post higher in the search results. Sure… the number of searches would be fewer, but you’ll get more relevant traffic through a long-tail keyword. But don’t go overboard. Using one or two long-tail keywords would suffice. Make sure that you choose the right keywords for the right post. If you’re not sure what keywords to use, consider hiring SEO services.

Use a keyword in the title tag

If possible, use a keyword in the title tag or headline of the post. This helps boost your post’s SEO. Ideally, you should include your keyword towards the beginning of your title. Google shows only the first 60 characters of your headline. If you have a longer headline, we recommend starting the title tag with the most important keyword.

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