How to Plan a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a proven way to boost a website’s search ranking, but the best practices for content marketing keep changing to fall in line with the ever-changing search engine algorithm. To get the best results from your content marketing efforts, you should have a strategy. Your SEO consultant can help you in this. But before you hire SEO services, it would be a good idea to learn a few tips on how to build an effective content marketing strategy.

Set goals

First things first, consider why you want to do content marketing. For instance, you may want to increase signups or improve your brand reputation. Setting your goal will help you plan accordingly. Some other examples of concrete goals could be earning more back links, increasing customer retention or customer loyalty.

Define your audience

The importance of knowing your audience cannot be stressed enough. You should do everything possible to know how your target audience behaves when they search for a product or service online. To that end, you can keep a watch on their social networking habit, what content they read or share, what they like, dislike, tweet or re-tweet.

Decide on content types

What types of content you should create, depend on your goals and target audience. For instance, if your goal is to improve brand reputation, you should create useful blogs, case studies, tutorials and testimonials. When you are trying to earn back links, you should create guest posts and email newsletters.

Create a content execution plan

You should also plan how frequently you want to post new content and how you want to create the content. For instance, if you are blogging, decide whether you want to post a new blog daily, weekly or monthly. Do you want to write the posts yourself or engage an experienced writer for the job?

Finally, you should have the right tools to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns.

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