Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

More than 80 percent of the consumers research online before making a purchase, according to a recent report by Forbes Magazine. Clearly, businesses of every size need to take the necessary steps for boosting their online presence. Still, some small business owners are reluctant to invest in online marketing, because they think the cost would be high. But the fact is; internet marketing could be more affordable than traditional marketing. To get the best benefits of online marketing, however, you should keep updated with the ever changing search engine algorithm and trends. If you are new to this field, you can hire an SEO expert or join an SEO training course. Here are some useful online marketing tips for small businesses.


When the purpose is to improve your online presence, there is no alternative to blogging. The more you post useful blog articles, the better would be your chance of getting noticed. However, for best results, you should ensure both frequency and quality of content. If you want to write your blog articles yourself, consider following SEO best practices for blog writing. Otherwise, you can hire an experienced copywriter for the job. In either case, your focus should be on creating informative content that the readers find very useful. You can try creating simple how-to articles, top 10 lists, and tips on interesting topics in your industry. Make sure you identify and use the right keywords in each blog post.

Social media marketing

Using social media to engage with your existing and prospective customers is a proven way to boost your online ranking. Almost every business use this technique nowadays. However, not all businesses know how to use this marketing tool effectively. Instead of using the routine techniques social media advertising, try something new. Consider adding a personal touch to your social media messages. For instance, when responding to a question on your Facebook or Twitter account, you can mention the name of the customer. You can also send personalized marketing messages to CEOs of companies you want to do business with, for more effective B2B marketing.

Email marketing

Another very effective online marketing channel is email marketing. If used wisely, this marketing tool can get you more business than you could even think of. For best results, consider targeting a niche audience, with highly useful content. For instance, if you are targeting shipping industry professionals, consider sending newsletters, shipping news, and blogs written by shipping industry experts. Also, do not include a sales pitch in every email.

Ideally, your first few emails should not have any sales pitch at all. You first need to earn the trust of your readers. Once they are convinced that you’re trying to help them, without expecting anything in return – you can then gradually introduce your brand and use a call to action.

Finally, you should not ignore the importance of search engine optimization. An SEO expert can help optimize your website with the right keywords. They use a range of techniques, including keyword research and link building to help boost your overall search ranking.

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