SEO Consultant Ranks Top 6 Reasons Google Penalizes Your Website


Google isn’t always transparent about the search engine ranking algorithms they use, but they are open about the kinds of behaviours that cause websites to receive penalties.

It’s critical to work on your SEO and collaborate with your SEO Consultant or attend SEO Training offered by a Digital marketing agency since Google has become more punitive and SEO blunders could damage your ranking or result in you being blacklisted.

You’ll find six reasons or mistakes that force Google to penalize your website in this article.  

Duplicate Content

Too much duplicate material is by far the biggest factor in website penalties. The foundation of SEO is original content, and there’s a good reason for that.

If you have a lot of duplicate content, Google isn’t taking it into account because it will only index the content once. In essence, duplicate material serves no purpose because it doesn’t improve your results.

In the event that the content is copied from another website, a fine is applied. Plagiarism is the act of using stolen duplicate content, and Google will punish websites that do this.

Buying links

Paid links themselves aren’t always a problem for Google. However, it does when you use it to manipulate PageRank, Google’s mechanism for ranking web pages.

Yes, certain businesses do engage in the practice of purchasing connections to increase their revenue. However, good luck to you if you purchase links from spammy and dubious websites.

Similar to dealing with a crack dealer, Google will eventually find out even if you avoid detection today.

User-generated spam

Your blog’s comments section, forum, or other interactive features may get overrun by spambots or other undesirable characters. Spam links may direct users to inappropriate or low-quality pages, which weakens the T in EAT.

Or real people could leave a remark on your blog with one or more irrelevant links only to gain a backlink from your site and raise their domain authority.

Keyword Stuffing

In order to rank your website, keywords are a crucial component of your SEO strategy. They must be organically incorporated into your material.

A high concentration of keywords in a piece of text is typically a sign of badly produced material, according to Google. Google has detected it, thus you will shortly be penalized.

Copyrighted Material

These days, Google is taking copyrighted content much more seriously. Unauthorized usage of photos, videos, and articles can quickly result in a Google penalty.

Since many people don’t even know the image they’re utilizing is protected, things can get a little confusing. We always advise people to use free photo and video-sharing websites like Pixabay and Unsplash.

Make sure to give credit or acquire permission before using any content that is protected by copyright.

Wrong link directories

One of the most misunderstood components of SEO today is link directories. They were “the internet” in the past before contemporary search engines like Google took over.

Any SEO campaign needed them as a crucial component. How does this impact your website then?

Google classifies web pages into “neighbourhoods,” and if your website is frequently mentioned alongside other authoritative, trusted websites, you are considered to be in a “good neighbourhood.”

However, if your links come from pages that link to spammy, junky sites, you are considered to be in a “bad neighbourhood.”  


SEO is not always simple to master. Even if you follow all the necessary steps, you can still struggle to rank well in Google, get traffic, or convert visitors.

A little guidance from the pros can go a long way in helping you optimize SEO for your website. Give us a call right away!  


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