SEO Tips for B2B companies

Every business, irrespective of their size and target audience, needs a strong online presence. However, SEO for B2B needs a different approach than SEO for B2C requires. This is mainly because B2B firms often have multiple decision makers and their products or services are usually more expensive than B2C products or services. As a marketer, you can expect a longer sales cycle in B2B. Also, B2B customers require more convincing. If you have no idea how to optimize your B2B business for search engines, you can seek professional help from an SEO expert. Alternatively, you can join an SEO training course and do your own SEO. Here are some useful tips for B2B SEO.

Use Google My Business listing

When you search for a particular company online, you may find its details, including name of business, address, map, and operating hours on the right hand side of your search results page. This means that the company you’re looking for is listed in Google My Business. You too can list the details of your company in the Google My Business page. This not only helps your customers find you online, but also helps improve your search ranking.

Add a FAQ page

The FAQ page of your company website is a chance for you to answer the frequently asked questions about your business. More importantly, you can insert long tail keyword phrases naturally into this page, which would help improve your SEO.

Use responsive designs

Most B2B customers today make online searches on their mobile devices. You should make your website mobile-friendly, so that they can easily browse your products and services online.

Provide useful content

In addition to how-to articles and top lists, you can consider posting white papers and case studies on your website. Allow interested readers to download the content from your site. This is a great way keep your B2B prospects engaged.

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