Signs Your Business Should Invest In SEO

Almost every business today has a website. But, having a website doesn’t mean your company has a strong online presence. Maybe your website is nicely designed and has quality content, but it may still fail to attract the right prospects and even worse have a very low conversion rate. If you think your website is underperforming, you should hire an experienced SEO consultant to help improve your website’s search ranking. However, before you taking any such steps, you should be absolutely sure you should invest in SEO services. Here are some telltale signs your business needs professional help for SEO.

Your website not showing up in search results even when you’re searching for your company name

Imagine someone searching for your company with the exact name, but still not finding your website in the first page of Google search results! Believe it or not, this happens. Try it and if you don’t find your company on Google, be alarmed. This means your website has very low online visibility. Maybe the name of your company is quite similar to other more popular search terms, such as, another company, a product, or a service. It could also be that your website is not showing up in search results because it has been blacklisted by Google. Whatever the reason, it is high time for you to contact an SEO consultant and sort out the problem as soon as possible.

You are spending too much on PPC, but still not getting the desired results

Contrary to what most marketers believe, SEO and PPC complement each other. Typically, pay-per-click delivers quicker results, but it is quite expensive. On the other hand, SEO takes some time to deliver results, but the results are long-standing. In addition running an SEO campaign does not burn as big a hole in your pocket as PPC does. If you have been spending a huge amount of money on PPC but still not getting the results, it is time to revise your online marketing strategy. Maybe it is time to try SEO services.

Google Maps cannot locate your business

Thanks to an increasing popularity of local search, most consumers today search online for local vendors. If your business is not showing up in Google Maps, you are missing out prospects. More importantly, it is a telltale sign that your company needs to invest in SEO. Search engines spot your location and contact details from multiple online sources, such as your website, press releases, news, other sites, articles, blogs, and even YouTube videos.

If you have different names and contact numbers listed in different sources, Google may get confused and eventually refrain from listing your company in Google Maps. This means whether your website is listed in Google Maps is one of the critical factors that may affect your online reputation. Fortunately, you can correct this problem. Just ask your SEO consultant to rectify the names and contact details in all sources. Also, consider hiring a reliable SEO company that has years of experience in helping businesses improve their search rankings.

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