Tips for Improving Your Local Visibility Online

Search engines are constantly taking out new updates and websites are increasingly vying with each other to achieve local visibility. Optimizing your site for actual visitors and not just search engines is necessary. That is the reason why more businesses are using SEO services.

The reason is that half of all local searches on mobile convert within a day. Singapore ranked #1 worldwide in LTE speeds in 2016, which means more users are using their phones to check reviews of products online. Here are some tips on improving local visibility online.

Claim online company profiles

While improving local visibility, a lot of businesses miss the chance of capitalizing on online company profiles. This begins with securing one’s Google My Business Page, and updating it regularly. Optimizing the page will require updating it to mention the current location, contact details, and other relevant information. Also claim local listings on Bing Local, Yahoo Local, among other popular directories. Do not forget industry specific directories.

Invest in search engine optimization

Hiring SEO services or even a good SEO consultant can do the job for you. Perform research using local area specific, long tail keywords. Include keywords in page titles and include the name of the area in landing pages. It is also important to get a domain name with the local area name and ask your SEO consultant to optimize local directories. It is also worth spending time on creating quality content.

Focus on building quality links

Building quality links, not just random ones, is important. Linking to and from major websites is also good for SEO and the credibility of your company. You can even consider hosting/sponsoring local events and sharing event page links on your site. However, be warned against spammy links, and remember that ranking must be done naturally. Websites with good search engine optimization often get Wikipedia links, which is highly desirable. This is why hiring a good SEO services company is highly important.

Improve your social media profiles

Links from social media are equally important to boost local visibility, so create an effective social media strategy. However, trying to be active on every platform can backfire, so identify those that are conducive to your industry. Keep posting updates and messages to your target audience regularly. Another point is to engage customers, and interact with them on a regular basis.

Respond to reviews

Eight out of 10 customers trust online reviews when it comes to making a purchase. You want more and more of your satisfied clients to write positive reviews. Talk with these clients and encourage them to highlight the aspects of your products/service they liked the most. Inform your customers about different review sites as well. It is important to respond to both negative and positive reviews, as this reflects on your professionalism and commitment to improve.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Singapore is ranked first in Southeast Asia in both Smartphone penetration and mobile internet subscriptions. Websites that aren’t mobile phone friendly are at a disadvantage, since most searches are made using handheld devices these days. After hiring an SEO consultant, the most important businesses should ideally make is making their site navigable on mobiles.

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