Tips for Optimizing Videos for YouTube

As ranking with text-based content getting competitive, many marketers today are trying to market with videos. For most of them, YouTube is the place to upload their videos. However, ranking your videos on YouTube is no longer a walk in the park. With more than 100 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, YouTube now is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. Just creating and uploading a video on YouTube is not going to help you get noticed. You can hire an SEO consultant to boost your YouTube SEO. If, however, you do not want to hire SEO service at the moment, you can follow the below tips to optimize your videos for YouTube.

Use the right keyword

When someone searches for a video on YouTube, they still have to use a keyword or key phrase. There is no other way. That means keywords are important. You should find the right keyword and optimize your video with it. One rule of thumb is to look for keywords that provide top video results not only on YouTube but also on Google. For instance, if your key phrase is ‘how to make pancakes’, check whether you get video results when you search Google with that key phrase. That way, you are using a keyword that will provide you traffic from Google search as well. Also, use Google Keyword Planner to check whether the keyword provides at least 500 monthly searches.

Add effective title and tags

The right title and tags make your content more easily searchable. Make sure that you use your keyword once in the title. Ideally, your title should have five words. It is always a good idea to put the keyword at the beginning of your title, if possible. When it comes to tags, consider using all related tags, so that your video not only ranks higher on YouTube searches, but also shows up more often in YouTube’s sidebar suggestions.

Write an SEO-optimized description

This is another very important tool to boost your YouTube SEO. The description is basically an introduction to your video. You should write what the video is about. Try to be specific and use bullet pointers, if possible. Keep the length about 250 words and do not forget to include keywords, ideally twice in the content. It is always a good idea to include a keyword once in the first paragraph and once anywhere in the rest of the text. It is also important to include a call-to-action at the end of your description.

Make a great video

Just optimizing your video of YouTube is not enough. You should focus on the quality of your video content. The content should be useful for the viewers. You can seek professional help for video creation, if required. This is important because YouTube puts a lot of value of the ‘watch time’. If your video has a lot of views, but poor watch time – it may still fail to impress the search engine. Views are how many times people visited your page, while watch-time is whether a visitor has actually watched your video till the end.

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